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New Office Location

I moved my office to a new location with more space and privacy.  If you are looking for me, I can be found at the following address:

1505 18th Street, Suite #2
Charleston, IL 61920

This location is across the street from Pilson Auto Center, in the same building complex as Arrow Travel, and south of Napa Auto Parts.

Photo of Jeremy Richey's Office

Jeremy Richey

A Handsome Fellow

I recently purchased a digital video camera for the purpose of making videos for my website and perhaps even this blog.   I placed my first attempt at making a video on the “about” page of my website.  If you are dying to know what the real me looks and sounds like, here is your chance.

Jeremy Richey

Brief Introduction

My name is Jeremy Richey and I am the author of this weblog. This time last week, I was engaged in my last jury trial as a criminal prosecutor. Now, I am in private practice doing, among other things, criminal-defense work. While my private practice is not exclusively limited to criminal law, criminal law will always be my favorite area of the law and a large part of my practice.

I hope that this weblog will be informative to those who choose to read it. In particular, I hope that criminal defendants and criminal defense attorneys will find value here. But, prosecutors, crime-show junkies, friends, acquaintances, and the random visitor are also certainly welcome here.

Also, just so that you know, while this is a new blog, I am not new to blogging. I published my very first blog post back in July of 2004.

Jeremy J. Richey, Attorney at Law
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