Under 18: Court Appearance Required for Supervision

If you are under 18 years of age and wish for a court to put you on judicial supervision for speeding or another traffic offense, you must personally appear in court in order to receive judicial supervision (absent good cause).  The Unified Code of Corrections (730 ILCS 5/5-6-1(n)) states as follows:

The provisions of paragraph (c) [pertaining to judicial supervision] shall not apply to any person under the age of 18 who commits an offense against traffic regulations governing the movement of vehicles or any violation of Section 6-107 [graduated license] or Section 12-603.1 [safety belts] of the Illinois Vehicle Code, except upon personal appearance of the defendant in court and upon the written consent of the defendant’s parent or legal guardian, executed before the presiding judge. The presiding judge shall have the authority to waive this requirement upon the showing of good cause by the defendant.

Jeremy Richey

Jeremy J. Richey, Attorney at Law
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