DUI Supervision: No Record?

Regarding Illinois DUI cases, one of the benefits of judicial supervision is that it prevents people from being convicted of DUI. As a matter of law, a person on supervision for an offense has not been convicted of the offense. But, this doesn’t mean that the DUI disappears in any way. A person should not equate the lack of a conviction with not having a record. DUI supervision can’t be expunged (officially erased), so there will always be an arrest and court record where a court sentences a person to DUI supervision.

So, what is the point of not being convicted of DUI? One of the most significant benefits of not being convicted deals with revocation of driving privileges. A sentence of DUI supervision will not trigger a revocation whereas a conviction will.

But note that a revocation in a given case is separate from any statutory summary suspension in the case.   Revocations are often on top of (in addition to) statutory summary suspensions.

Further note that, as a general rule, revocations are worse than suspensions.

Jeremy Richey

Jeremy J. Richey, Attorney at Law
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