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Litterbugs & Beer Cans

Beer Can

This last weekend, as part of my church’s Adopt-A-Highway project, I helped clear trash from the ditches of a local highway.  I helped do this once before, and both times, I was amazed of the amount of beer cans, beer bottles, and other alcohol containers on the side of the road.  Part of me wonders how many people out there are drinking alcohol while driving?

I enjoy defending DUI cases, however, I in no way condone drunk driving (or any other crime for that matter).  There is a difference between defending a case and condoning behavior.  Scott Greenfield recently said it this way:

“[C]riminal defense lawyers are not proponents of crime.  We don’t think crime is good, or acceptable, or tolerable.  We defend people accused of crime.  A nuanced distinction, but a very real one.

When I accept a case, I defend it to the best of my ability.  One reason I enjoy defending DUI cases is that there are many questionable (and downright bad) DUI arrests.  But, those who truly drive drunk, and get drunker while driving, are a danger to us all.   This is unacceptable behavior.  We can and must do better.

Jeremy Richey

Jeremy J. Richey, Attorney at Law
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