Two Counts of DUI

I was arrested for DUI and I received two tickets.  Is that bad?

It is bad that you were arrested for DUI, however, you should not be concerned about receiving two citations.  Whenever a person is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and blows .08 or over, the police issue two citations.  One citation will allege a violation of the .08 law (625 ILCS 5/11‑501(a)(1)) and the other will allege a DUI violation without regard to the BAC of the driver (625 ILCS 5/11‑501(a)(2)).  The circuit clerk will file both of these citations under a single DUI case number and each citation will be a separate count of DUI under that DUI case number.   So, if you blew .08 or over and received two citations, the police officer wasn’t punishing you by writing two citations; the officer was simply proceeding in the manner that officers usually proceed in this type of case.

Jeremy Richey

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