Arrested in College: The School of Hard Knocks

I practice law in a college town.  Each school year, there are students who discover that their actions have consequences.  For example,  some find out that drug use leads to drug arrests; others discover that excessive alcohol consumption and driving don’t mix.  College students are not invincible and they are certainly not invisible to police and prosecutors.  Criminal consequences have teeth — especially when received at a young age.  It is difficult to get a job when a person is on felony probation.  What will a prospective employer think of an applicant the employer watches blow into a device before the applicant starts his car?  Of course, there are some consequences unique to college students: university sanctions.  These sanctions can include things like academic probation and even expulsion from the school.

Each school year, the school of hard knocks opens its doors for business; wise students will learn from past graduates of this school.

Jeremy Richey

Jeremy J. Richey, Attorney at Law
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