Spence on Rejection

Gerry Spence is a famous and successful trial lawyer.  Many criminal-defense lawyers, myself included, admire his courtroom skills and accomplishments.  It is precisely because he is a success that his blog post yesterday on his own rejection is so powerful:

I never was elected to any student body office.  I was rejected by the Wyoming Bar because initially I failed the bar exam – the first honor student to do so.  I was rejected by the people of Riverton for a judgeship and by the University of Wyoming as a law professor.  The voters of Wyoming rejected me when I ran for the United States Congress.  Publishers have rejected some of my books, which made me a better writer.

Was Gerry Spence’s legal career a failure?  Absolutely not — few lawyers will achieve the level of success that he has achieved.   We should never be too hard on ourselves for our failures and rejections … they are great gifts.

Jeremy Richey

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    Great Point, are there any cases that stand out in your mind as excellent?

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