A One-Prosecutor County

According to the behind-the-scenes statistics for this weblog, a person found this site by searching for the phrase “assistant state’s attorney salary cumberland county, il” in a search engine. I can easily tell you how much the assistant state’s attorney in Cumberland County makes — $0.00. This is because there is not an assistant state’s attorney in Cumberland County, IL. There is one prosecutor for the entire county. This is the elected state’s attorney.

According to Wikipedia, the population of Cumberland County was 11,253 in the year 2000. In contrast with this, the population of Coles County (my home county) in 2000 was 53,196. When fully staffed, Coles County State’s Attorney Steve Ferguson employs five assistant state’s attorneys. The Office of the Appellate Prosecutor also places a drug prosecutor in Coles County. This makes for a total of seven prosecutors in Coles County.

Jeremy Richey

Jeremy J. Richey, Attorney at Law
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