How College Students Can Avoid Being Arrested

I practice law in a college town and have handled many cases involving college students. If you are a college student, I have three suggestions that, if followed, will significantly lower your chances of being arrested.

Don’t Have Drugs in the Dorms

First of all, don’t smoke pot in the dorms. You might think you are smart enough to disguise or eliminate the smell, but you’re not. Countless police reports tell a tale of a resident assistant (or other university employee) smelling cannabis in the hallway and then calling the cops. If you smoke pot in your dorm room, you are playing with fire.

If you keep marijuana or other drugs in your dorm room, you may be arrested even if you never light up in the room. Why is this? This is because your neighbor or roommate may light up causing the police to come knocking on your door. When the officers ask to search your room, even though you should say “no,” you won’t. You will give them permission to search your room. When the officers search your room, they will find your drugs and you will be arrested.

If you think the cops have better things to do than investigate marijuana smokers, you’re right, however, few things make a cop happier than finding drugs. If a cop has a chance to search you or your room for drugs, the cop probably will.

Avoid Large Parties

There might not be anything more emotionally satisfying than drinking beer with 150 of your closest friends, but don’t do it. There will be a curmudgeon who calls the police about the blaring stereo or screaming multitude. When the cops show up, if you are a “minor,” you will, at a minimum, receive a city drinking ticket. There is also the chance that if you are obnoxious enough, or if you have a fake ID or drugs on you, that you will be arrested on a state criminal charge.

Don’t Get Drunk

Drunk college students do a lot of stupid things. Among other things, they get in fights, break property belonging to other people, steal things, drive cars, and refuse to leave bars. If you don’t get drunk, there is less of a chance that you will do something stupid — and illegal.

Jeremy Richey

Jeremy J. Richey, Attorney at Law
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