Criminal Law Blawgosphere Roundup

Has anything interesting been going on recently in the criminal-law blawgosphere?  You betcha.

Houston’s Mark Bennett has been busy chastising the newly-elected District Attorney in his neck of the woods.  (I think it is safe to say that Bennett is not afraid to stand up to powerful people and call them out on their bullsh**.)  “Following the politically-motivated firing of several prosecutors perceived as dangerous to her regime, Harris County’s soon-to-be District Attorney Pat Lykos has taken further steps to improve morale in the Office.”  [More]

New York’s Scott Greenfield wants his clients to follow his instructions.  “There’s some bone in people’s head that compels them to ignore the advice of the person to whom they have paid a substantial amount of money and in whose hands they have entrusted their life.”  [More]

Fort Worth’s Sean Matlock points out that material things should not take priority over obtaining good legal representation.  “It is never a good decision to postpone a potentially life-altering decision for economic reasons.”  [More]

Mike at Crime & Federalism shares a story about how bad decisions by one woman could lead to a false-rape claim. “Unfortunately our law does not treat women and men equally.  Women are not viewed as rational actors or autonomous beings – especially when it comes to matters of sex.  When a woman gets drunk, has sex, and regrets it, it is the man who must be a rapist.”  [More]

How does Maryland’s Jon Katz find time to blog?  He makes time.  “Do you take time daily to eat, brush your teeth, and get dressed?  . . .  If so, there is time to blog . . . .”  [More]

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?  WindyPundit, Robert Guest, and Crime & Federalism discuss a sting operation designed to catch cops behaving badly.  If you learn nothing else from these posts, please learn that you should never grow Christmas trees indoors using grow lights.

Jeremy Richey

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